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Our office is located at:

415 East Golf Road Suite 115, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

This is east of the intersection of Arlington Heights Road and Golf Road. We are on the south side of the street. When you enter the parking lot please drive to the end of the parking lot. The office door says "Psychological Services".

Appointments are available in the morning and evening.

You can reach us by phone: (847) 258-7273 or by email: If you have made an appointment and have a change of plans, please call (847) 258-7273 immediately.

You probably have a lot more questions! Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about our practice:

Can I email you?
I welcome emails from patients when you are seeking basic information. I do not provide therapy over email.
What times are appointments available?
Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available on a first come first served basis. Weekend appointments are not available. Appointments are scheduled for the same time every week. We will try to accommodate you but we also ask that you be flexible. If your employer or institution needs a note to let you go to therapy we will be happy to provide one.
Who should come to the first appointment?
Many people come alone for the first session and then bring their partner or family later. For adults who are married or coupled I encourage you to come with your partner. In the case of family therapy, children and adolescents are welcome to the first session but we can discuss this ahead of time if you have concerns. Very young children should not be brought to the therapy session, especially when their parent or caregiver is working on a personal issue.
Do you provide childcare?
We do not provide childcare. You can bring another responsible adult to sit in the waiting room with your child when you are in session. Only children 12 or older may wait alone in our reception area while you are in session.
What can I expect during our first appointment?
Once inside, please make yourself comfortable, take a clip board and fill out the information. Each patient will need to fill out the forms separately. I will come out to the reception area and meet you at your appointed time. During the initial session I will get to know you better, and you will have a chance to ask questions. We will go over the paperwork and I will do an assessment of the issues that concern you. We will set some goals for therapy and decide how to proceed.
What happens during therapy sessions?
Sessions last about 45 minutes and vary greatly depending upon your needs and the stage of therapy. Typically, we discuss your concerns. I use a variety of skills to help you understand your personal concerns better, change the way in which you interact with people, work to solve your problems, set new goals, and assess your progress. I tailor the sessions to meet the needs of my clients and also use new research in the field to work with patients.
Is therapy confidential?
In this area I follow the highest ethical and legal standards of my profession and meet the criteria for HIPPA. However there are important limits to confidentiality. I will provide you with this information at the time of your initial appointment.
What should I do to use my insurance benefits?
FIRST, please let me know what insurance you carry. Also, please contact your insurance company before the first session. Please bring your card with you to the first session. We will bill your insurance company for services provided.

Every insurance group/plan is different. When you call your insurance please ask:

  1. Will they cover your services with me?
  2. What is your co-pay or co-insurance per session?
  3. How many sessions do they cover per year?
  4. Is there a deductible?
How do I pay the co-pay or fees?
Any co-pay or fee has to be paid at the time of the session by either check or cash. We do not take credit cards. You will receive a receipt for each payment made.
What happens if my insurance carrier does not cover all services with you?
If for some reason the insurance does not cover the costs you will be responsible for the fees. If your insurance will pay out-of-network benefits or if you wish to use any other plan to cover costs please let us know. We will provide you with a complete receipt for each payment made so that you can use that to file for reimbursement.
How many sessions of therapy will I need?

The length of therapy varies greatly depending on:

  • Your needs and goals
  • The number of concerns that you have
  • The progress you make.
It is best to end therapy in a planned way. You and I can discuss how and when to end therapy. However, you have the right to end therapy at any point. I request that you let me know ahead of time if you plan to stop coming so that we can discuss any concerns before the end of therapy.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to our appointment.