Baby…Maybe? Contemplating parenthood

Census data show that many couples in the U.S. are choosing to postpone parenthood, and others are choosing to be entirely child-free. Couples who struggle with the decision of whether or not to ever become parents find that they have few resources to turn to. Some doctors discuss pre-conception concerns with women but the decision to become a parent or not to take on this role can be incredibly complex. Research shows that when couples become parents without each partner fully being on board with the decision, their relationship satisfaction can take a hit. The baby’s well-being in such situations can also be jeopardized.

Some couples want to have children eventually but are not sure when they should move to this stage of life. Others are unsure that they ever what to raise children. Nikki Massy-Hastings and I are conducting a study that will test out a psycho-educational program aimed to help couples with this decision. Our study was referenced in this recent article:

The article also lists many questions that couples should contemplate prior to tackling parenthood Finally, it’s worth repeating that when in doubt, seek couple or individual therapy to help you gain insight, understand your partner, shore up your resources and make up your mind.

If you would like to learn more about the study or participate in it, please go to the or call 630-708-0362.