Holiday Survival Tips for Couples

Holidays are meant to be a time for family, peace and joy. Sometimes, they are more like the time for family drama, stress, and conflict.

As a couple and family therapist I am well aware of the fact that certain patients have a tough time navigating family visits with parents and in-laws, negotiating with their own partner on where to spend the holidays, or managing their annoyance because Aunt Ramona and her two cats showed up unannounced at Thanksgiving! Still other clients are tongue tied in large gatherings and find holiday celebrations too long and excruciating.

Some couples are terrified because they will be asked, yet again, in the presence of twenty relatives, when they will produce grandkids, or get married, etc. It’s no surprise then that if you are a mental health professional on call in November and December, you should prepare for crisis calls! So how does one survive and thrive during the holidays?

What can families and couples do to stress proof the season of joy? Here are a few of my favorite tips cited in this article.

In summary, keep your eyes on what the holidays are meant for, really. Once you can fully embrace that, the rest is easy.