In the midst of family fights

Family members can and do fight. For this reason alone, quite a few folks dread Thanksgiving dinner. Some people go to great lengths to avoid witnessing family conflict. They will schedule minor medical procedures on the day before Thanksgiving—thus having a medical reason to avoid spending Turkey Day watching their loved ones fight!

Even if you are not the one throwing accusations or being defensive you might be the “telephone operator” of your family—or the one who is stuck in the middle. Both sides have their side of the story and they want YOU to take sides. Each party calls YOU to hear them out. Each asks YOU to understand that the other party is the bad guy.

Patients who have experienced this know that being such a “middle man” is not as calm as the eye of the storm.

Family relationships are an intricate network of emotion-laden connections. And being in the middle is painful. You feel pulled in different directions. At times, try as you might you are unable to bring together the warring factions.

The article below tackles this worthy topic. It lists several sane tips on how to keep the family communications going. After you read it, save the link. It might just save you from having to schedule another minor surgery on a Wednesday in late November!,0,6497242.story